Foodpanda Customer Care Number – Foodpanda Customer Care

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Foodpanda customer care number

foodpanda customer care number
foodpanda customer care number
If Foodpanda likes it, you will love it. Thousands of restaurants, amazing deals, easy to order. But sometimes company make mistakes. So that why we have Foodpanda customer care number only for you. Foodpanda tagline is Happy Food Ordering


FoodPanda 24×7 Customer Care Helpline Number

Foodpanda Customer Care DetailsFoodpanda Customer Care Numbers
Foodpanda Customer Care Numbers095555 98888, 0124 614 9200
Foodpanda Customer Care Toll Free Numbers095555 98888
Foodpanda Customer Care Helpline Numbers0124 614 9200, 095555 98888
Foodpanda Customer Care Enquiry Numbers0124 614 9200
Foodpanda Customer Support Email IDcontact@foodpanda.in

Foodpanda Customer Care Contact Numbers0124 614 9200
Foodpanda Customer Care Complaint Numbers095555 98888


Foodpanda customer care number

Toll-Free: Helpline Number of the organization will give you a chance to the interface without paying call charges. It would be ideal if you note, it is for Indian clients not for worldwide clients.

Foodpanda Customer Care is set to be the first to convey sustenance with automatons, subsequent to having tried it in Singapore in late 2015. Internet business goliath Amazon is additionally developing its automaton conveyance framework Prime Air, however with an attention on shopper items sold on their site.


A little bit about FoodPanda

so what we got is they had to give them 23% with a lot of loss although they are smart. When the delivery guy arrives then only they prepare for the number. But some of the guinea guys prepare the number beforehand will Free the loss as the delivery guy did not come. Now let’s talk about the delivery guy. Why they did not come and how much commission they earn.Hello brother, how much commission do you earn?
The story of Sahil bro
Previously I used to free 1300 per day then 1000 and then 850 now we free 40 per delivery and if we come early we get Rs 70 per delivery sometimes we come in foodpanda morning at 7 o clock and we get orders at 10, so we lost our 3-4 hours in that case and nowadays we had an offer of 10,9 in that case too you get your money or it does not matter you Free your money till now it is same only. But we too are confused as they don’t have a system if I place a number then. It does not show how much I did place in.I had 4 orders, But here it shows 0 orders according to them every order we Free 70. But its all on them if I would Free or not and when did you get a money? per week we get. But they credit us on any days, We don’t know are you getting all of your money? No. We get 40 per order and  200 guarantees for 8 hours of working. If we work for 10 hours then we have a Rs 300 guarantee and for 12 hours we get 400 minimum guarantee and  40 per order we get, so how much you earn daily?
A second part of the story
We earn everyday 600-700. So suppose a restaurant had a product of 100. so If we order a product of 100.so that money will be received by foodpanda and out of that  77 has to be provided to a restaurant and delivery guy will get 45. But how I don’t know and if we add. It is going above  100 and I am not providing any discount recently they introduced a crave party 9 order, 20 order, 30 order and we do order these offers and we Free a 50% discount , so for example we talked above ,as their product price is  150, They are selling Amrit sari kulcha and from 150 if we take 23% then we get 34.50 and if we  subtract from 150, We Free  115.50 which is to be given to the restaurant and now we are getting at a 50% discount and now I am adding one more thing, delivery boy they need to give 40 to them. So how much is now 155.50, so  155.5 is there costing and their delivery price is letting check in there app one problem is Foodpanda does not work in foodpanda office wifi I need to open via phone internet I took paneer kulcha I added in my cart for 150 I am talking screenshots too,I added in my cart. I went to check out and it cost me  116 and in this, they added me Rs 29 as delivery charge means  45 is foodpanda actual charge and they are taking  29, so here only is the first loss and I got here 71 discount and Rs 9.15 taxes.so in of 50% discount do they charge you?
A third part of the story.
NO, I need to provide only 23% of it that’s all. We need to do anything with there discounts. so there cost is Rs 155 which is net costing. They too have an application cost their employees, their services, although their services are used I did make a video on this where I told, is foodpanda service is good, But after the crane Pratty, their service has gone down basically really bad service maybe they can’t handle it, if we talk with customer support then what happens we never get in touch with customer support do you find any problem in customer support? Yah I get a problem sometimes 2-3 customer calls me about foodpanda order I told them to pick up from here and ok your pickup from here this idea is good.so I tried to talk to them, But they replied as to mail them.so this the biggest operation failure.
How is it a failure you market your product like this and that you can see people are protesting as foodpanda delivery guy did not get the money although I took 2 guys interview? They too are getting all of foodpanda their money in respect to payment I do get my money in time, Basically, in a weekly basis, foodpanda only problem is there delivery boy did not arrive and in peak hours. Do you get extra, no we did not get any extra? We did not have any salary system. Do you Free the money in time? we Free but not in time. So here all them they are getting foodpanda money. But customer care is 0 in all the 3 cases, as a consumer, it is 0 if I do a chat I do Free reply lately. Because of there wrong operation.so whats the problem is when. I do make an order the order goes to the restaurant and they accept it, But the delivery guy did not approach them, sometimes the restaurant is closed. But it shows in the app most of the time I too faced it. I add it in the cart. We discuss it when we add it to the cart and while at the payment gateway we see it as closed sometimes we see it’s open and we place an order. But the restaurant did not receive it and I did my payment. But the restaurant is not receiving it its a responsibility for a company to deliver it if not then the 1st operation failure,2nd is delivery guy did not come. I will show you the foodpanda chart. They do say that we cant contact the delivery guy.so there is a question is there is only one guy at that place?
there must be more than 2 guys.so if 1st denies then they can transfer to the other one they can play smartly they need to expand there team, I know they are under huge loss because of wrong business model you need to pay for the marketing plus in every order you are making a loss, lets calculate their loss Rs 155 subtract Rs116 divided by Rs 155. So almost up to 25%. They are getting lost in every product.so they are too stupid and this is only net costing you are doing wrong marketing, wrong business model. if you are thinking of old as now we are in loss and after that, we may come to profit. but here you removed your the consumer base by bad service people like me are many who did not like there system people complaining that delivery guy did not come
I do talk to one more delivery guy who denied to come in front of camera but they told me as I do order and when we go to them but foodpanda address wasn’t placed correctly, We too try to call them and after that we eat their product.so in this full process, Foodpanda is in loss.so to run a company you need to go throw the ground level to operate smoothly.so this is a business failure business model fault, service fault, operations faulty marketing is good but you need to link marketing with operations to work better.so what can we do is? close foodpanda company if it’s not working or make your operations better If you aren’t providing the discount especially to the Indian consumer. Then they may not buy from you or if you are taking 22% from them then if you give at least 10% to the consumer then they may come. But again if you charge them the delivery charge then again they may not buy. so you need to find a way to make your business model profitable. But I don’t think foodpanda to be profitable. if you find then do comment below. Because in foodpanda last video most of you said that you are wrong, so do say me about. How will this business model be a profitable business?
why I am making this Video, Because of frustration I discussed a lot of you-tubers and made a dissuasion to make a video talked to a lot of people, took personal interview.it took me 15 days to do a research.so I made a discussion to put my point in front of you so I had to place foodpanda video at about 10 o clock.so I was editing foodpanda video and foodpanda times has been almost to 9:30 pm and my mom said not to prepare foodpanda Dinner, so I thought to order something and so I ordered momos. Do what I do it till the video upload and to get process it took almost 15 min and my home is just 15 min away so I thought to rich my home and from there I will put foodpanda end screen and cards too and all that so I did this. I could have gone to foodpanda shop too they are not providing me with an outstanding discount.so to save my time I ordered foodpanda momos.but when I did not receive foodpanda order till 10:30 pm.so I dropped them a message regarding the issue. but they did not pick up my call. I ordered again and time has been 12:30 pm. I was starving with hunger then I took the bread.so I realized one this is, foodpanda cost to get a bread is 20 and here I am paying 150-200.so where you did not want anything to eat but you are ordering.so in this crave party where you did not eat from outside but you are ordering it because of discount.if you are getting a 50% discount you are getting 200 item in 100 did you were eating 100 food daily.so here we are affecting our health too so I decided only to eat in a 15 day.so with this our video ends here do like and share make it wirel.so that foodpanda get some lessons as foodpanda business run on the ground level and not in upper level buy a good night

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