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Flipkart Customer Care Number TollFree

flipkart customer care
flipkart customer care

Fipkart TollFree Number we’re gonna go through three parts first the entrepreneurs and where they came from and how they built the company second all of the growth and millions and millions and billions in investment that happened in the second chapter and the drama in the boardroom that went along with it and finally part three the drama between Amazon and Walmart as they bid for the company with Walmart ultimately coming out on top once they got this thing going drama was the keyword let’s start with the entrepreneurs Sachin and Binny Bansal they actually worked for

Flipkart Customer Care TollFree

  •     Flipkart Store Customer Care Number: 1800 208 9898
  •     Flipkart Toll-Free Number: 1800-208-9898
  •     Flipkart Helpline Number: 0124-615-0000
  •     Flipkart Customer Care Suggestion: 1800-1080-1800
  •     Flipkart Customer Care Phone Number: 1800-102-3547


Flipkart Customer Care Email

Flipkart customer care email
Flipkart customer care email

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Why you have to contact Flipkart customer care number.

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Flipkart Customer Care

Flipkart Customer Care
Flipkart Customer Care

flipkart customer number the Amazon of India it’s a bidding war between Walmart and Amazon going halfway around world as the US Giants competed with Walmart coming out on top this week on case studies with biz doc Flipkart toll free number we’re gonna go through three parts first the entrepreneurs where they came from and how they built company second all of the growth and  millions billions in investment that happened in the second chapter and the drama in the boardroom that went along with it finally part three the drama between Amazon and Walmart as they bid for the company with Walmart ultimately coming out on top once they got this thing going drama was the keyword let’s start with the entrepreneurs Sachin Binny Bansal they actually worked for Amazon customer service phone number but they had this dream in a heart for entrepreneurship to start something on their own so they leave Amazon and start

TollFree Number of Flipkart

TollFree Number of Flipkart this was in this 2007-2008 timeframe so here they are operating an online book reseller well they came from Amazon what else would they do and in 2008 they were only running about a hundred orders a day and as they moved forward they begin to get progressive they had a dream about acquiring companies that would be other products that they would get they were off running but there’s an important point right here that is really for the Western audience it may be watching this is really gonna be something I think is a little unique in India see OD or cash on delivery is highly preferred they don’t want to use credit cards a huge amount of population doesn’t have access to such a vehicle so they have this great preference culturally and also in terms of risk aversion and there you had

Flipkart Customer Care No

Flipkart Customer Care No was now allowing you to click online to buy something and it would be delivered cash on delivery it was interesting because 83% and this was a study that was just done in 2016 so I’ve got this next to 2010 but this is really 2016 data which just shows you how the development of like the credit system just buying online with a credit card is still in its very early stages in India 83% of people actually prefer cash on delivery 72% of the people in

Flipkart Customer Care No

the cities prefer it that way 90% rule so you can see how starting in the cities there is some like one in four now that people will use a credit card whereas out in the rural areas nope it’s it’s cash on delivery nonetheless this was a key tipping point that when they added cash on delivery as a means to accept payment so say we’ll take risk you click will have somebody ship the product we’ll bring it out to you and then it’s cash on delivery when you purchase it that led to a really inception point of the growth curve on

Flipkart Contact Number

Flipkart Contact Number let’s take a look at this because we’re gonna see some similarities between this and Ober in terms of the investment and how kind of this virality and e-commerce kind of come together they raised a Series A in 2009 raised about a million dollars then halfway through 2010 10 million dollars Series C and middle of 2011 20 million dollars a series d 150 million dollars well now you can see those two years from putting CEO D the company is taking off it’s starting to expand it’s justifying a big valuation and a big investment so much so that we get here into 2013 they did two rounds first a 200 million then a hundred 60 million in what was a combined Series E and they are now worth 1 billion dollars so you’re sitting here six years five to six years is all it was all of a sudden they have raised if you take a look at this in excess of six hundred million dollars and they have a 1 billion dollar valuation we get now into this growth and drama phase here comes the series take a look at 2014 bang bang bang you know we had 210 million series F 1 billion dollar series G and a 700 million dollar series H you don’t normally see Jesus and H is out there it usually it now becomes private placement that’s exactly what would happen halfway into 2015 a 700 million dollar private placement 24 months from the 1 billion dollar valuation this thing is on a rocket sledge and it’s now worth 11 billion dollars but there is some stuff going on behind the scenes as to how they were putting it together so let’s drop below line and take a look at a few things in 2012 thanks to this large dollar investment they bought let’s buy which was on line electronics think of it as Best Buy in the cloud in India then they bought Myntra online fashion in 2014 they purchased them then we’re gonna get into capital D and drama right here Sachin has a vision for a mobile app only experience he actually wants to turn off web access to

Flipkart Helpline Number

Flipkart Helpline Number and make it almost exclusively mobile app the board of directors including a gentleman named Leif Excel which was with Tiger I’ll talk about them in a minute he is a keyboard member and a very key investor and actually the largest investor at this time in this-this era and he’s like whoa whoa whoa Sachin and so a little bit of drama starts as Sachin gets sideways with Leif Excel nonetheless they want to go app only and they had done a couple of things they did a thing called big billion days in 2014 which included an exclusive relationship with Motorola to get the Motorola G and the Motorola e phones which were incredibly popular in India

Flipkart toll free

Flipkart toll free had the exclusive to sell them which was fantastic the product everybody won and you can only get it at Flipkart.so big billion day goes they do hundred million dollars on this day and it is PR disaster or PR opportunity the disaster was the system actually crashed people were complaining that they couldn’t get their orders placed at all even when the system was up there was shortages of things they people protested and actually wrote the government saying I got an email two days later where it says that there’s a shortage and they can’t shift my phone well they didn’t pay anything but they also didn’t get anything and they were pissed off and spent writing letters to their congressmen basically in India and expressing that in 2015 they said okay we’ve got new scheme we’ve invested in IT and our back-end and it’s gonna be big billion day to dotto and they did 300 million over three-day period and they started pushing app only well there’s a couple things that happened here that had very mixed results so Sachin is emboldened by the fact that he sees this working even though one year there was some real struggles in the following year you know they got it right what was also going on here is they forced Myntra one of their own properties remember the online fashion group that they bought in to do web only and you can see the growth that was going like this when they did that to Myntra on fashion 10% negative growth year over year in mantras revenue so everybody goes whoa we’re going like this and we managed to kill Myntra well they came back in 2016 they said okay okay okay it’s gonna be on the app but we’re also gonna relaunch them intra web all of this comes together here are we’ve seen all this money look all of sudden they take  year off raising money to do what the board fought there was a lot of drama on it I want to take you through it a little bit take you through the story of what was going on with that board this is leaf Excel in 2009 he met the Bonsall brothers Sachin Binny he really had close relationship with Sachin so here you have leaf excel at tiger he is investing in India and he is a believer stepping back for a second for people that don’t know tiger tiger incredible investment group founded in 2001 by this guy chase Coleman he originally had hedge fund but he had portfolio of tech investments in the internet tech that is in the US China and India he sent to India two guys Feroz Dhawan here and leaf Excel and leaf Excel he went big took about two billion dollars was investing into India all over the place and about half of that was put into

Flipkart TollFree Customer Care Number

flipkart toll free customer care number so you can see what I mean Tiger was a massive investor in Flipkart well 2014 to 15 man leaf Excel was on this just absolute investment series a she was putting seriousiy money into all kinds of companies in India even as Dhawan his partner there was getting kind of concerned says you know we really need to show some returns here well Dhawan and fix all kind of clash and Dhawan left tiger leaving thick cell to lead this whole group so we can already see that six excel is kind of bold guy that does things you know his own way in his own style so now you can see that leaf excel has very strong personality under himself given what was happening at Tiger but you also have Sachin who has very strong personality himself that says I got ideas and I’m gonna put him into play so nonetheless those two clashed and when they clashed they clash big thick cell eventually in 2017 puts this guy in the CEO si Kalyan Krishna Murthy so we now have a new CEO and a founder who’s been bumped up to chairman go take  look at the uber case study and look what happened to that CEO sometimes founder CEOs their ego and decisions get up to a place for changes forced by board if you lose board’s support later you’re not gonna get a free pass on some of your mistakes board is gonna move you even though you may own 50 60 percent of your own company board’s gonna move you in favor of new leadership that’s what happened here regardless of what you may think about leaf Excel what he was doing at Tiger so now we have the new CEO in place and look what happens in 17 they raise four billion dollars if you take a look at what was going on there they’ve got 40 percent market share and they raise four billion dollars in seventeen that is barely 10 years from when they started and there is only one word for then that is damn that is a lot of market share in India that is a lot of money and it was Softbank that would now become a larger investor than tiger investing 2.5 billion of the four billion dollars so that takes this up to here along the way just to put it into perspective i’ve been talking about investment dollars but there’s been very steady run in the revenue and let’s take a look 16 2.3 billion dollars u.s. dollars in revenue and they lost 1.3 billion Hey they are the Amazon of India they lose money at an alarming rate just like Amazon did or used to in the United States and then 4.6 billion in revenue up in 17 so you can see all this was running really big and raising a lot of money there was something else that they did about the time they shifted CEOs is they attempted to go after Snapdeal Amazon Snapdeal Flipkart combined for almost a hundred percent of market share in India for this online commerce and if they had bought Snapdeal they offered them seven hundred eight hundred million Snapdeal said no we want a billion in a retrospect it looks like they should have PO need up extra 300 million lord knows they were able to raise that kind of money well that would have given them about 66 percent market share an absolute crushing Overlord position versus Amazon instead that deal falls through because of gap in valuation what they wanted to pay so this takes us to the end of the growth and drama because now as you’ve seen in my past case studies where you get people and companies raising this kind of money after private equity comes debt because you’d think you can pay it back you’re no longer giving up equity with a bank in India they raised 150 million dollars in debt which compared to the four billion they’re raising is like Starbucks card but nonetheless they went off and raised it we now get to acquisition now their conspiracy theorists out there that would say Snapdeal was a head-fake they really wanted to make this deal to cause outside interest oh like Amazon Customer Service like Google like Walmart to think oh my gosh if these guys are at 66% of India there goes our opportunity to be in India I don’t think so I think this was a real attempt to go and make the purchase nonetheless it’s interesting fodder for discussion to say this was a head-fake to say oh my gosh we better buy them before they buy Snapdeal or come back around on this because then there’ll be too big for us to deal with they’ll have a huge presence in India they’ll have power and influence with the government we don’t want all that and by the way Walmart was actually only selling as a wholesale unit into India small retailers because they were not allowed by law as a foreign company to actually sell directly to consumers so there was already laws around there that were trying to protect the home team a little bit I think it’s little more drama to there than I’ve Illustrated but you get the point so now we go to the acquisition the deal drama this is now a board fight and a acquirer fight first the board fight you know you’ve got Sachin sitting in the corner pouting because he wants a bigger role back in company you know you’ve got leaf Excel and the board kind of got Benny little bit on their side they’re still moving forward there was so much good news here that was kind of cancelling out some of the drama nonetheless Amazon Walmart show up Amazon makes a twenty two billion dollar bid twe which stands for the whole enchilada Sachin Softbank were kind of kind of there so Sachin kind of had Softbank in his corner they kind of wanted to do it this way Sachin was hoping that he would have a prominent role with Amazon when the deal is done leaf Excel was like hell no you’re not going to be in a more prominent role if we do this deal Lee was in favor along with the board ultimately they would get Binney to go

toll free number of flipkart
toll free number of flipkart

with them to take the Walmart deal where Walmart for sixteen billion dollars by seventy seven percent of the company now I got this little description here five ish and 11 ish at the time Walmart had something close to six billion dollars on their balance sheet in cash yet they paid 16 for this so it means that Walmart took out a big mouthful of debt to get this done so it was at five eleven Walmart hasn’† said exactly what it is was at four and twelve don’t know but it’s safe to say that Walmart has at least 10 billion dollars in new debt on the acquisition invoice for Flipkart they also interesting they put a four year IPO time on it so Walmart is looking at growth of company and they certainly believe that their operation efficiencies are going to reduce these losses as well as that there’s going to be a public currency out of this so in four years it states that Walmart intends to take it public at the acquisition price or higher but not less than the acquisition price so the valuation connected to the acquisition price actually is what it is then Amazon they’re out of the deal Google is still in talks to this day you know while not only a seventy seven percent so Google’s got lot of big data they’re not interested in seeing Amazon Contact Number take off do things at all and so Google is more likely to find Walmart to be a friendly partner to potentially come in eBay was part of this something happened over here where Flipkart actually licensed the name from eBay was running eBay India when this deal happens eBay got a billion dollars from Walmart and they cancelled the licensing deal with Flipkart they said that we’re gonna relaunch I really like to know how that works you got this sort of market share and everything you get billion dollars back you cancel the License Agreement say I’m gonna go it alone and relaunch my brand well we’ll see how that works nonetheless the deal is done it’s awaiting regulatory approval but it looks good Walmart is going to own Flipkart so let’s talk about Walmart just for a second in the middle of all this some people are saying wow that was an expensive acquisition their stock price is gonna take hit I think this is a strategic deal long term for Walmart I think it’s one they had to make because whether you believe the attempted deal for snap deal was a head-fake buy

Flipkart Toll Free no

Flipkart Toll Free no or a real transaction they were trying to do it still would have spelt trouble for Walmart getting into Indian market and they were already trying to compete against Amazon Customer Care Number which seems to be like blob coming over the top of them in the United States with a little bit of competition also from Target I think Walmart strategically had to do it they’re battling they’re in a cage match battling in United States with Amazon Customer Care and this gives them play here and if they bring their efficiencies to table reduce those losses guess what they’ve got a tremendously profitable opportunity in India with tremendous amount of upside to remember some studies are saying that less than 25% of the Indian population is actually made and e-commerce purchase which means there’s huge upside if Walmart with

Flipkart TollFree Number

Flipkart TollFree Number was such an out and a cooperative happy board great executives in place if they can meld that and make it run they’ve got jewel that’s gonna add to their value globally let me know what you thought about this case study add comments below take a look at the other great content we have here in value tainment we’re also on a mission to get to million subscribers when we do the first value team at entrepreneur conference is coming at you featuring Patrick bet David yours truly the biz doc other leaders as we bring information education to help make you better your company better those that you touch with that company better still until next time I’m Tom Merritt the biz doc and I hope I left you better than I found you

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